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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

7 Smart Tips to Save Money on Your Overseas Trip

Raise your hands if you are the one who loves travelling. But, money is the biggest barrier between you and your passion. Of course, travel in abroad is an expensive venture that is just like unobtainable goal for a common man. Well, don’t be upset because it is difficult to plan a trip under the budget but not impossible. So, you can save money on your travel. Surprised? How can you do this? It is very simple, just need to consider few tips.

Here are 10 simple intelligent tips that will help you to keep your savings in pocket.

1. Determine the destination-

It is better that you make a perfect plan and work according to it. Do proper research about the city and make a list of destination, which you want to explore. It will save you from any confusing situation and you can easily plan your schedule.

2. Wisely book airfare-
Book your flight tickets 50-100 days before the date of your trip. The cost of airfare varies day by day of the week and high in the weekends. So, it is good that you arrange your tickets in advance.

3. Use the right plastic card-
If you use the wrong card to pay bills in foreign country, then you will pay extra transaction fee on every swipe. So, make sure that you bring the credit card of bank that allows you to use it to use anywhere, without cutting extra amount.

4. Do research for accommodation-
Hotels can break your bank and it is the one of biggest expenses of trip. You can choose guest house or rental properties as a different option. These places will cost less and give you a comfortable place to stay.

5. Use car rentals-
Hire or rent a car during travel is the best option as compared to using taxi services. Taxi services cut extra charges for waiting and it is little exhausting to travel in a taxi. 

Car leasing Dubai can give you a relief, and you are free to go anywhere. Also, it allows you to take as much time as you want at any place. You can also get special offer which are providing these companies.

You can search many companies, which offer car rental in Dubai and hire them for a better trip. These companies also have some rental requirements which must be fulfilled by you during car rental.

6. Avoid to shop more-
At the new place, you will definitely find a number of attractive products. But, you have to control yourself from shop useless. It can spoil your set budget. So, it is best that delete shopping from your list.

7. Take advantage of Facebook-
This is the time where social media can do a big help. Just follow travel page to get updates of attractive travel offers and updates. All these pages can help you to snatch up the big discounts.

Apart from all these 7 points, just follow locals. Do as they do, it will help you to save money and give a chance to get up close with a city.

So, whenever you plan your next overseas trips, go with all these simple hacks and save a big amount of money on travel.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Why Car Rental services are better than your own Car?

Having a car is quite common and almost all of us have the same. But when you have to compare that whether using your own car is better or the car rental service is better then its time to consider the pros and cons of both. When you do that you will be in the position to take the apt decision. If you live in Dubai and you have decided to go for a long trip with family. Now its time to think that you are going to use your own car or services of car rental Dubai! This is because if you use your own car then you have to get that services, fill up the fuel tank and also check the tires and all. But on the other hand if you rely on the car rental service then these things won’t be the matter to bother. This is because; the car rental services keep their vehicles in the very best condition. So, you can stay stress free in that regards.

On your way

When you are on your way, you will realize that there are many other localities as well as tourists on the road who have been using the car rental option. So, you will feel that you too have taken the right decision. Apart from this, the other reason why car rental in Dubai is popular is because the services are truly awesome and this benefits the end user. There are many services. But you must settle down for the one that has good reputation and reviews. This will help you in having a perfect journey.

Know about the terms and conditions

If you have some problem in your car and you are looking for the car rental service on daily basis for a few months then monthly car rental Dubai solution  will work for you. Just get in touch with the car rental company and learn about their terms and conditions. At the same time also let them know about your requirements and for the period till which you might need the service. By discussing these things, you will be in the condition to take the right action.

If you have decided to rent car in Dubai then you will have to think about the rates first. Inquire with a few companies and then settle down with the one which will help you get the best rates and perfect service too. A company that gives you promising services and has very good fleet of vehicles should be the one you need to choose.

In the times when you always want to be extra careful about your car, going with the big group for a long trip, it’s good to take the car on rent. This is because; you don’t have to worry much. The rentals are quite reasonable and so you will actually get the best deal. Try and see and find what is apt for you.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Move your Mind Towards Renting a Car In Dubai

Have you ever visit the Oaks Liwa Heights? If no, then start your thought to travel at the beautiful and heart of the Dubai and now how can you make it possible, then rent a car in Dubai for for visiting the amazing places of Dubai in the cheapest cost. Dubai's amazing car rental companies now provide some special offers and amazing car to visit.

Despite everything companies like keep up the customary estimations of administration and these are good manners, graciousness and competence. They go the additional mile to result consumer loyalty by taking care of your regularly changing and complex transportation and manpower needs. Companies like are focused on towards Individuals, small, medium and global organizations.

The arrangement of total logistics support traverses crosswise over fueling, provision of quality manpower, fleet maintenance, staff bus service, spot rental and so forth. Right now the companies have a workforce of more than a hundred staff and has office in Dubai with Car rent administrations of up to 7 puts inside UAE.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Car Rental Companies: Factors To Consider

Rented cars in Dubai are quite practical as compared to public transport. When you drive the vehicle, any destination or place can be reached in no time, and there is no need of waiting for the bus or booking tickets in advance.  The disadvantage to rent car in Dubai is the costs. However, a thorough knowledge about car rental can surely save half the costs and will help you a lot. Don’t waste money on high rental costs and follow these tips -

1. The car must be ordered online
It goes without saying on the internet; you will find better discounts and basic rates, as compared to going there personally to book one. When you book online, various car rental companies in Dubai can be browsed and comparison can be done in terms of rates, vehicle quality and service. These comparisons can be obtained on a variety of travel websites too. In order to sustain competition, these websites offer a lot of packages, all at discounted rates.

2. Weekend booking must be done
If the travel schedule is flexible, travelling on weekend is the best possible option. Businessmen usually carry out their businesses or travel out during week. Hence, the rates are very high on weekdays in comparison with weekends. For example, if a service costs $50 on weekdays, it will cost $25 on weekends.

3. Smaller car must be picked up
If you really don’t need a big car, opt for a smaller one. Economy models have gained a lot of popularity and owing to this, sometimes there might be a shortage. The company would insist you to take a bigger one, but be firm on your decision and opt for a compact one only. Sometimes what happens is that the car rental provider might upgrade to a bigger car at the same price of a smaller one.

4. Keep a check on extra and hidden costs
When you find that the price of the car rental provider is extremely low, you must be very careful because the prices might be misleading. Various extra costs would be charged such as insurance, taxes and others. Check hidden costs and usually, this you will find on the reservation page. Sometimes, you will get a shock when the hidden costs are twice the cost of the base fare.

5. The insurance page must be skipped
Travel insurance is surely a good idea, but it is helpful only if people are going on the long trip. Majority of the times, there is no need of accepting insurance agreement. There are great chances that your own credit card company or auto insurance policy offers collision coverage and this is similar to what the rental company offers. Usually, the insurance that the car companies provide is expensive and those add-ons are unnecessary, which in turn cause a lot of loss for the customer. So think all this very wisely and only after that finalize on a particular option.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


In some cities, public transport can be dreadfully poor and very unpredictable. There are different reasons why everyone needs an individual car. Some need car to go to work, while some need car to drop their children off to school while some others need car to attend a special occasion. Despite all their needs, having an individual car to drive can be important to finish the task. Although there is a demand for cars, not ever family can own as many cars as needed. Cars are an expensive investment. Those individuals who cannot afford an individual car can opt for car leasing. But there are so many car leasing companies that one might be confused which one to choose. There are many companies coming up with car leasing Dubai. 

The first important thing to do while searching for cars for rent search online for the websites and companies that specialized in car rentals. Thanks to the Internet, one needs not walk on the streets to find a store. One can simply go online and surf the web. Make a list of companies you like and shortlist them by comparing the prices and services. After you have shortlisted the companies, make a thorough search to get the best deal. To make a thorough search, navigate their website and know about these companies. Check the galleries to see the range of cars they offer for leasing. Also, check if they offer customer service as well. Their testimonial page reveals a lot about them. So check what their previous clients have to say.
Always check what cars they are offering for lease. It is better to choose a company that offers a wide collection of cars. This would make it more convenient from your side as you can choose different cars for different purposes.Also their wide range shows their competence and dedication in giving satisfactory services to their customers. Rent a car on monthly basis or other periods of time and save a lot of money by finding the right deals and discounts. Many companies offer discounts for online booking depending on the availability of the vehicle and seasons of vacation. Renting car for longer period will fetch you better prices.
Renting a car rather than driving your car for thousands of miles has a lot of of them is that you will save a lot of money when u rent a car rather than reimbursing miles on your car. Instead of taking your car along all these miles, you can travel through train or flight to the place you are visiting and then rent a car there to travel around. You can choose from the wide range of cars and rent different cars according to your needs. If you are going on a vacation with your family, you can rent an SUV and travel with style on road. If you are travelling alone on business purpose you can rent the car that suits your business needs or for your employees. Rent a car according your purpose and enjoy a hassle free ride.